Drone Safety

We take Drone Safety with all flights on all occasions

Drone Safety Information

We take drone safety seriously with all flights on all occasions. All of our drone pilots have a minimum of a Wing’s Badge from the MFNZ.

While WASP Drone Photography strives to get you the perfect shot, safety is always at the forefront. Drones are classed as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) therefore we have a comprehensive knowledge of the rules outlined in the CAA Part 101 (click here).

Our standard operating procedure includes:

  • Surveying the flight area
  • Carrying out a hazard assessment and mitigation plan
  • Pre-flight maintenance checks
  • Obtaining permission from all persons and properties that are going to be identifiable in the footage

We use the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced to capture top class pictures and videos. This drone contains the latest safety technology including; an auto-landing fail safe, accurate GPS tracking, stabilisation software and navigation lights. We also log all flights on Airshare and where possible have an extra person on site to act as a safety spotter.

We also have Aviation Liability Insurance through Vero

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