Meet the Team

WASP is about finding the aerial solution that best suits your needs in a friendly, relaxed and professional way. We are high end, without the high end price-tag or attitude. We love taking photos and videos and tend to spend more time than we should getting the perfect shot – it’s worth it.

Meet the lads behind WASP

We’ve been friends for over 10 years, sharing a passion for the outdoors, rugby and good food. Unfortunately, a love of good food does not a career make, and early injuries (or lack of the necessary talent…) put a stop to any thought of a rugby career so we set about turning our love of the outdoors into a career. Hence WASP took flight (see what we did there).

About Arie

Arie progressed down the scientific route, completing a BSc in environmental science followed by a Ph.D. in marine science. He’s got a rescue level dive certificate and a COC in film and photography. You could say he’s our resident water nut, spending countless hours under the sea with camera in hand. He makes a point of making the team here at WASP envious with his footage. He’s just as comfortable on land, taking the drone out for a spin or shooting time lapse photos of landscapes.

“I managed to incorporate a fair amount of WASP prep into my studies – regularly diving and experimenting with different underwater and land photography and videography methods.”

About Josh

Josh on the other hand, dove into the professional world completing a Bachelor’s degree in eCommerce and Marketing at AUT before honing his skills in Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics in the information technology and retail industries both overseas and in New Zealand. Having produced professional digital material for literally millions of people, Josh has a habit of setting the bar high at WASP for exceptionally high quality results. He’s happier than a squirrel with a nut when he’s out flying a drone or behind a lens. Arie even trusted him to take a few key snaps of his wedding.

“I am a self-confessed techno geek, with a real passion for cutting edge technology.  I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest gadgets, which fits in nicely with taking quality footage from a floating object in the sky! Rest assured we are using the best to give you the best.”

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